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 英语 专业   基础英语 试卷( A卷)
I. Language knowledge. Choose one word, phrase or statement that best completes the sentence. (每空1分,共20分)
1.  Agriculture is the country’s chief source of wealth, wheat ______ by far the biggest cereal crop.
   A. is   B. been     C. be     D.  being
2. Jack _____ from home for two days now, and I am beginning to worry about his safety.
   A. has been missing       B. has been missed
   C. had been missing       D. was missed
3. Above the trees are the hills, ____ magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface.
A. where    B. of whose     C. whose     D. which
4. Who ______ was coming to see me in my office this afternoon?
A. you said  B. did you say  C. did you say that  D. you did say
5. Does Alan like hamburgers?
  Yes. So much ____ that he eats them almost every day.
A. for   B. as    C. to    D. so
6. Your ideas, ______ seem unusual to me.
A. like her  B. like hers   C. similar to her   D. similar to herself
7. The opening ceremony is a great occasion. It is essential _____ for that.
A. for us to be prepared          B. that we are prepared
C. of us to be prepared           D. our being prepared
8. Time _____, the celebration will be held as scheduled.
A. permit    B. permitting     C. permitted      D. permits
9. The bus moved slowly in the thick fog. As a result, we arrived at our _____ almost two hours late.
A. designation    B. destiny     C. destination      D. dignity
10. He demonstrated his _____ for music by the ease with which he picked out melodies by ear.
A. attitude     B. ability      C aptitude      D. wisdom  
11. Many modern language teachers make occasional use of teaching aids such as computers and tape recorders, but only a few use then systematically as an ______part of their work.
    A. incredible   B. individual     C. integral     D. associate
12. Living in the countryside has its _____ as well as advantages.
A. inferiority    B. setbacks      C. drawbacks     D. validity
13. The air that holds a maximum amount of water vapor is _____, like s sponge unable to hold any more water.
A. immersed    B. saturated     C. quantified     D. ventilated
14. Electric wires in your house are_____ with poor conductors like rubber or silk.
A. segregated     B. insulated     C. isolated     D. severed
15. The enemy are now in a very difficult situation; they can neither advance nor ____ .
A. resign    B. retreat    C. retrieve     D. repel
16. Reading is an active thinking process ______ the interaction between the reader and the print.
A. containing    B. indulging    C. involving    D. resolving
17. In some cases, a sentence may be grammatically acceptable, but ______ in implication.
A. ambitious   B. affirmative   C. approximate    D. ambiguous
18. For Europeans, life is a career; for Americans, it is a _______ of hazards.
A. success    B. recession      C. succession     D. procession
19. Reading efficiency means the ______ of a reading task within an appropriate time frame and with appropriate comprehension.
A. accomplishment             B. commitment    
C. contentment                D. complement
20. In the past, major disasters, such as wars, plagues and earthquakes, could destroy only a _____ of the human race and environment.
A. fraction     B. fragment    C. friction     D. fiction
II. Derivative. Write down the correct word to complete each sentence. (每题1分,共10分)
A. Breathe
1. It is so hot in this small kitchen that I can hardly ________.
2. When I answered the telephone, there was an unknown and _____ voice on other end, which was really irritating.
3. There was a ______ silence during the last world table-tennis championship game.
4. You are wasting your ______ trying to persuade him to quit smoking. He’ll only stop when he wants to.
5. During the last convention, there were so many items on the agenda that there was hardly any ____ space.
B. express
6. Being an advanced student of English, you should be able to _____ yourself freely in English.
7. A cat’s mewing may be _______ of hunger, cold or pain.
8. _______, impressionism and romanticism are different movements in art, music and literature.
9. The shop assistant was a middle-aged man with an ______ face.
10. The beauty of the cave, with its stalagmites and stalactites and dripping water, was beyond _______.
III. Match each word in Column A with the phrase in Column B that is similar in meaning. (每题1分,共10分)
1. cult A. a peculiar, eccentric or crazy person
2. primate B. an extreme religious group that is not part of an established religion
3. kook C. excessive pride in or boastfulness about personal abilities or achievements
4. rebuke D. an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or is going to do something
5. charlatan E. an expression of sharp disapproval or criticism
6. embryo F. agreement among all the people involved
7. hoax G. an animal group including monkeys and apes
8. vainglory H. a dishonest trick
9. consensus I. an animal or human that has not yet been born, and has just begun to develop
10. bluff J. a person who falsely claims to have special knowledge or skill, especially in medicine
IV. Fill in each blank with a preposition from the box.
Against back on Onto
Out over up with
1. The “quality” newspapers are often held ___ as an example of impartial journalism.
2. I don’t think our food suppliers will hold ___ much longer.
3. Do you think the editors of the magazines will hold ____ our taking sides on political questions?
4. During the enemy’s offensive, the village people refused to surrender but held ___ until the rescue troops arrived.
5. The football match was held ____ till further notice on account of the continual rain.
6. We are not surprised at the young man’s enrollment in that university because it is not their policy to hold a person’s past bad behavior _____ him.
7. Any teacher is inclined to hold ___ any excellent work of the students for his or her class to imitate.
8. If we think what we are doing is good and beneficial to the people we should try to hold ____ it and never give up.
9. Before the rainy season, the authorities had already had the banks of earth built to hold _____ the potential flood.
10. It was a place of romance. I felt I had just to hold ____ my hand to touch it.
V. Reading comprehension. Choose the one that you think is the best answer and mark your answers on Answer Sheet.
Passage One
Today, more and more people are using credit cards instead of money to buy the things they need. Almost anyone who has a steady income and a continuous work record can apply for a credit card. If you have a credit card, you can buy a car, have a dinner, take a trip, and even get a haircut by charging the cost to your account. In this way you can pay for purchases a month or two later, without any extra charge. Or you may choose to spread out your payments over several months and pay only part of the total amount each month. If you do this, the credit card company or the bank who sponsors the credit card will add a small service charge to you total bill. This is very convenient for the customer. With the credit card in your wallet or purse, you don’t have to carry much cash. This saves you trips to the bank to cash checks or draw cash. Also if you carry credit cards instead of a lot of cash, you don’t have to be concerned about losing your money through carelessness or theft. The card user only has to worry about paying the final bill. This of course can be a problem if you charge more than you can pay for.
Credit cards are big business. Americans spend 16 billion dollars a year on credit cards and there are already 590 million of them in circulation. Many banks sponsor their own credit companies and issue cards free to their customers. Other credit card companies charge their members annual dues. The stores that accept credit cards must pay a small fee to the credit card company – a percentage of purchase price of the merchandise or service. In return, the credit card company promptly pay the store for the merchandise or service. Credit card companies make a profit from the fees they charge the stores and also from the fees collected from customers who pay for their charges in monthly installments.
However, credit card companies sometimes have problems collecting overdue payments from unreliable customers. Also the use of stolen, lost, or counterfeit credit cards by criminals has become a big headache for the credit card companies which are responsible for the goods and services illegally charged to their customers’ account.
1.  What is the biggest worry for credit card users?
 A. Their credit cards may get stolen.
 B. They will be charged for the credit card service by the bank.
 C. The time allowed for them to pay back the money is not long enough.
 D. They may have spent more money than they can pay back.
2. According to the passage, which of the following is Not a channel for the credit card company to make a profit?
 A. Membership fees for credit card users.
 B. A heavy fine for overdue payments.
 C. Service charges for stores that accept credit cards.
 D. Service charges for card users who pay back over period.
3. The author’s purpose of writing this article is to _____.
 A. persuade people to use credit cards
 B. warn people of the danger of using credit cards
 C. explain how credit card business works
 D. explain how to use credit cards
Passage Two
Some 2,400 miners were on the day shift last Tuesday morning at the Kinross gold mine, 65 miles from Johannesburg. A welding team was repairing a broken track for one of the trains that help carry gold ore to the surface. Suddenly, an acetylene tank sparked and flared. Flames swept through the tunnel, igniting plastic-covered wiring, which in turn set fire to polyurethane foam that keeps the walls dry and solid. Within minutes the mine shaft filled with thick black smoke containing toxic fumes from the burning plastic. Choking miners immediately fell and died of asphyxiation.
When the initial 9 ½ -hour rescue operation ended, 177 were dead, one was missing, and 235 were injured, making Kinross the worst gold-mine disaster in South African history. All but five of the victims were black, and the black-dominated National Union of Mineworkers denounced the “unacceptably low safety standards” in the mines. In fact, Kinross last year lost its top safety rating. But the mine’s general manager said the plastics that burned had been considered safe. A government investigation is now under way.
4. Which of the following statements is true?
  A. Many miners were burnt to death.
  B. Many miners choked and died.
  C. Many miners fell into the mine and were killed.
5. Which of the following statements is not mentioned in the text?
  A. Kinross gold mine is the only gold mine in South Africa.
  B. Kinross gold mine disaster was worse than any other disaster that has taken place in South Africa.
  C. Kinross gold mine used to have a high safety rating.
VI. Cloze. Decide which of the words given in the box below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. The words can be used ONCE ONLY. Mark the letter for each word on Answer Sheet. 
A. For B. on C. stress D. profits E. made
F. connection G. take H. indicating I. benefits J. sufficient
K. efficient L. habits M. as N. improved O. emphasizing
In the recent past, medical research has shown that heart disease is associated with certain factors in our day-to-day lives: with smoking, with poor nutrition, and with a lack of exercise.
Doctors and other health experts have been 1____ the fact that we can often reduce the risk of heart disease by paying more attention to these factors.
More and more people are realizing that there is a 2_____ between heart disease and the way they live. As a result of this new awareness, attitudes towards health are changing. In the past, people tend to think that it was 3____ for good health to have a good doctor who could be relied on to know exactly what to do when they become ill. Now they are realizing that merely receiving the best treatment 4_____ illness and injury is not enough. They are learning that they must 5____ more responsibility for their own health.
Today many people are changing their dietary 6_____ and eating food with less fat and cholesterol. Many are paying more attention to reducing 7 ____ in their lives. The number of smokers in the US is now far below the level of a lot of years ago 8______ many people succeed in breaking the habit and as fewer people take it up.
More and more are aware of the 9______ of regular exercise like walking, running or swimming, some have begun to walk or ride bicycles to work instead of driving. Millions have become members of health clubs and have 10 ____ health club one of the fastest growing businesses in the US today.
VII. Use the words given in parentheses to translate the following sentences. Change the forms if necessary.(每题3分,共15分)
1. 我们原无须自己预定雅虎因特网服务。学校在一周前已为每个教师和研究生免费预定了。(subscribe, postgraduate student)
2. 我奶奶说起她街坊的一个戴眼镜的小伙子自己掏腰包,给她买火车票并送她珊上火车。可我一点都不知道她说的那个人是谁。(have no idea of…, neighborhood, walk sb. onto)
3.他为失去了一次极好的机会同那个德高望重的经济学教授见面而感到难受,因为那天他要去赴一个重要的商务约会。(opportunity, respect, to fill)
4. 他最终遭到失败的主要原因是,最初的成功使他越发自高自大,他拒不听取同事们的任何忠告。(ultimate, egoism, enlarge)
5. 达尔文的进化论认为,人类无论种族、肤色如何,都来自猿猴。但科学界对这一观点争论不休。(passionately, regard, descend)
VIII. Writing. Double 11 or Singles’ Day has become a shopping extravaganza in China, especially among young college students. What do you think of this phenomenon? Write an essay in no less than 200 words to air your view on this issue. (15分)
Title: On-line Shopping Spree